Product Name : NEOPRENE- CR Foam

Product Description

Chloroprene Rubber (CR) Sponge
Chloroprene Rubber Foam material is the closed-cell foam with good elasticity. It has the features of soft hand-feeling, water-proof, weather-resistance and warm-keeping. Chloroprene Rubber Foam, which resists to sea water, chemicals, fire and ozone.

Laminated products of CR rubber sponge with various fabrics are suitable materials for diving and surfing suits, water sports, spearing suit, immersion suit, survival suit, life vest, computer bags, and sport and advanced medical protection equipment.

1.Product Features

Hardness (Shore C)0–33–55–79–11
Elongation at break (%)≥600≥450≥500≥450
Tensile strength (Mpa)≥5.5≥6≥6.5≥10
Tear strength (Kn/m)≥2≥2≥2≥3
Density (Kg/m³)200±20180±20180±20200±20
Water absorption (%)≤3≤3≤2≤2
Compression set (50%, 25℃, 22h)(%)≤15≤20≤15≤15

#What Is Neoprene Fabric?
Neoprene Vietnam – Simply put, it’s a man made spongy synthetic rubber material sandwiched between 2 pieces of fabric. The fabric used is typically either nylon or polyester. There is often spandex or elastine mixed in to increase flexibility and stretch as well (usually 2 way stretch). If this is used as part of a wetsuit, it makes it easier to move in, which makes it easier to swim.