1. We will support you with our experienced salespersons including product knowledge, after-service support as well as marketing tools and sample goods.
2. We is dedicated to keep reasonable prices, stable quality
3. We always put quality and service first and foremost, we always work with our customers to offer the best solution to improve our quality products under the motto Win-Win.
4. Our variety products and fast delivery time.
5. Our advance automated machines are focused to increase production output and product quality improvement.
6. We always ensures the rights of workers and strictly abides by the regulations of the state.

“Keeping customers satisfied is not good enough. We care to make sure they are 100% happy.”


Become one of the essential solution providers to sportswear, swimwear and intimate apparel brands by manufacturing relevant high-quality and innovative performance rubber at competitive prices.

  We have always worked closely with our customers and stayed ahead of future market demands by developing new research-based solutions into new materials, design of new products and even new processes, technologies and working methods.

  We are a team that is creative and innovative in all our projects, always keeping a positive attitude, aiming at satisfying the needs and priorities of our customers.

  Excellence at us is Striving for excellence in everything we do . To ensure that our customers are always fully satisifed.